Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cooking Time-saving Tips for Healthy Meals

§ Cook simple. Steam or sauté some veggies. Bake a sweet potato. Grill some fish or chicken. Simple cooking recipes is a great way to keep things easy and quick. To make the food more interesting, you can add condiments, spices, and/or dressings to your food when you eat it. Individuals with different preferences can spice up their food in their own unique way. This is great for families.

§ Prepare food ahead of time. This will allow you to have easy access to items that you can add to your meals. Chop veggies ahead and store them in containers in the fridge. Hard-boil some eggs for breakfast. Package meal-sized portions to grab and take with you for lunch.

§ Cook more than you need for one meal. It’s great to have leftovers that can be used for a quick and easy healthy lunch or healthy dinner the next day. Also, when making things like whole grains, cook at least double the amount you need and store it in the fridge to use with other meals.

§ Use a timer. Many things don’t take a lot of preparation time, but need longer to cook. Using a timer allows you to prepare food in a short period of time and then do other things as they cook. For example, it doesn’t take long to wash some root veggies and put them in the oven, or measure, rinse, and throw rice into a pot to cook.

§ Invest in kitchen tools. There are many tools that make cooking easier and save time, such as a rice cooker, crock-pot (slow cooker), immersion blender, and food processor. Some of these devices save you time by cooking while you do other things (rice cooker and crock-pot). Others make it easier and quicker to make things like soups, smoothies, and hummus. If you’re on a budget, you can often find these items at garage sales or second hand stores.
3 Time-Saving Healthy Cooking Tips

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